Senttix - VIT

Senttix VIT are timeless products, the elegance of simplicity, sober fabrics ands colours with a soft touch. Handcrafted pieces carefully sewed with antiaging treatments, moisterizers, and even blood pressure regulation technologies.

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  • 1.656€

    SoftMultispring® Soft Touch

    Viscose comes from wood pulp, a breathable and absorbent material. Super soft to touch. Recommended in warm and humid areas.

    Senttix - Quietude Mattress - Extra
  • 1.528€

    SoftMultispring® Soft Touch

    Hyda+ is a probiotics enriched fabric that boosts the production of antioxidants that protect our skin from UV, which causes skin damage with the passing of time

    Senttix - Renergie Mattress - Extra
  • 1.108€

    HardMultispring® 1500

    De-Stress fibers are conductive and release electrostatic energy, boosting relaxing effects.

    Senttix - Thalasso Mattress - Extra
  • 988€

    SoftMultispring® 700

    Merino wool is waterproof, which helps the fabric to be breathable. The fabric keeps body temperature, protects the body against abrupt changes in temperature. This fabric can absorb moisture up to 30% better than other fabrics thanks to its fibers.

    Senttix - Tonique Mattress - Extra


Hydra+ is a treatment applied to fabrics taht enriches it with probiotics, which, at the same time produces carotenoids.

Senttix - Hydra+

De Stress

The body is exposed all day to electrostatic discharges, which often continue through the night due to friction between bedding, sheets and pijamas.

Senttix - De Stress

Multispring® Soft Touch

Latest generation of pocketed springs Soft Touch. Special configuration with double springs on inner core.

Senttix - Multispring® Soft Touch


BioCrystal produces an improvement in physical fitness due to the minerals’ ability to detect, control and influence the vibrations that occur in the body cells.

Senttix - BioCrystal