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  • Test products

    Do you have stores?

    Yes. All the products shown on the website are available in authorized Senttix stores. You can check your nearest store at "Shops" on this website.

  • Test products

    Where is your factory?

    Senttix is part of Ecus Sleep. The products are manufactured on our Dream Factory in Yecla, carretera de Valencia S/N. Región de Murcia. 30510.

  • Make an order

    Can I finance my purchase?

    It depends on the outlet or shop. Do not hesitate and ask for finance when you place the order.

  • Make an order

    Can I make changes once the order is placed?

    Yes. Reach the outlet or shop where you placed the order and specify which products need to be changed.

  • Make an order

    Where can I place an order?

    Login on this website. On the page "Outlet" you can ask for your discount to trade it on the nearest store. There you can place the order.

  • Shipping and installation

    Do you pick up my old mattress?

    Yes. This service is additional and has to be hired on the outlet.

  • Shipping and installation

    How long does it take to receive my order?

    It depends on the product, usually about 1-3 weeks once the order is placed. We manufacture and deliver the order to the outlet so the outlet can make the final delivery and installation.

  • Shipping and installation

    Will I get the products assembled?

    Yes. Most of the outlets provide this service.

  • Shipping and installation

    What is the cost of my delivery?

    The delivery area will be important for delivery costs. Ask about it when you place the order.

  • Return

    Can I return the mattress once received?

    If there is a production fault, yes. It there is no production fault, you cannnot return the mattress. If you are not satisfied with the product, please through the outlet or shop where you bought the product make your complaint.

  • Return

    What are the return costs?

    There are no costs for the customer. We assume all the costs of the production fault (exchanging the mattress, deliveries...).

  • Warranty

    What about the warranty of the products?

    All the products have a 7 year warranty (when it comes to production fault).

  • Warranty

    What can I do to make a good upkeep?

    Never place your mattress on a faulty bed frame. Remember to turn and rotate the mattress regularly. Use a mattress protector which is waterproof and breathable. Remember to air the room everyday.

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