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  • 2.322€

    Magna is a magnificient headboard. Its geometrical design helps to define bedsides.

    Senttix - Headboard - Magna - Extra
  • 2.000€

    Dozens of hand-made backstitches to produce the right volume. The dark-light effect created thanks to the velvety fabrics used is the distinguishing mark of Ossian headboard.

    Senttix - Headboard - Ossian - Extra
  • 1.390€

    The combination of two different fabrics is the secret to create Sabia. Linen and cotton fabrics that perfectly combine with the added cushions. An original and plain design that turns Sabia into the certerpiece of your room.

    Senttix - Headboard - Sabia - Extra
  • 1.224€

    The edge of this headboard is special and makes it stand out. The stitches highlight each bedside and decorate the Anoha headboard. A plain and easy design that is just outstanding.

    Senttix - Headboard - Anoha - Extra
  • 1.195€

    Zest has the classical tufted design, but it is updated with bright and lively colours. The stitching is perfectly aligned and it can be upholstered in any of our available fabrics. The perfect decoration for any room, any style.

    Senttix - Headboard - Zest - Extra
  • 1.137€

    Aspen is distinguished by its simple and subtle buttons. They can match or not the color of the fabric chosen. Aspen easily adapts to any color and design in the room.

    Senttix - Headboard - Aspen - Extra
  • 1.132€

    Matino is the pure example of beauty through easy designs. With a big edging all around the headboard, we have the perfect result.

    Senttix - Headboard - Matino - Extra
  • 1.122€

    New processeses applied to headboards to get new designs and effects, just like we can see in Cloud headboard. The fabrics are previously quilted, in order to get geometric shapes, volumes and shadows that give the perfect finish to Cloud headboard.

    Senttix - Headboard - Cloud - Extra
  • 1.039€

    Beautiful small leather pieces that perfectly combine with linen and cotton fabrics. A simple and clean design to balance our room energy.

    Senttix - Headboard - Terra - Extra
  • 966€

    With just two different fabrics perfectly sewn, Neso is the most original, elegant and up-todate headboard. The originality of simplicity.

    Senttix - Headboard - Neso - Extra
  • 893€

    Wherever there is a plain and undecorated wall, there is room for our Bloom headboard. It can be upholstered in one or two fabrics, to highlight the cushions even more.

    Senttix - Headboard - Bloom - Extra
  • 805€

    This updated classic design now comes in a smaller version. It easily adapts to any bed height, without losing the style of a real hand-made tufted headboard.

    Senttix - Headboard - Oniro - Extra