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  • 2.322€

    Magna is a magnificient headboard. Its geometrical design helps to define bedsides.

    Senttix - Headboard - Magna - Extra
  • 1.390€

    The combination of two different fabrics is the secret to create Sabia. Linen and cotton fabrics that perfectly combine with the added cushions. An original and plain design that turns Sabia into the certerpiece of your room.

    Senttix - Headboard - Sabia - Extra
  • 1.132€

    Matino is the pure example of beauty through easy designs. With a big edging all around the headboard, we have the perfect result.

    Senttix - Headboard - Matino - Extra
  • 1.039€

    Beautiful small leather pieces that perfectly combine with linen and cotton fabrics. A simple and clean design to balance our room energy.

    Senttix - Headboard - Terra - Extra

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