From 1975 to today

Senttix is a Spanish family business that is now being led by its second generation. Despite its growth over more than 40 years, it has never lost sight of its roots: roots with a focus on people.

Together with her father, Lucía embroiders each mattress, one at a time. They are the perfect example of the coexistence that exists between different generations and the value that Senttix places on family.

The Senttix group

If one thing characterises us, it is our specialisation and proactive listening of the client’s needs. Within the Senttix group, we offer different brands aimed at different audiences, needs and channels.

The beginnings

In 1975, our founder, Pedro Rubio, converted the polyurethane foam transformation company, that he had created three years earlier, into a mattress manufacturing company, Ecus Sleep, which decades later would culminate in the creation of Senttix.

Many of the workers who began with him continue to work with us today. In 1996 we acquired our first pocket spring machine and our Multispring® brand was created in honour of our latest technology.

Felipe is Senttix’s longest-serving worker. He started with Pedro Rubio and today still shows the same commitment and work capacity as he did then.

From Yecla to the rest of the world

With around 15,000m2, a production capacity of more than 500 mattresses per day and a workforce of 120 employees, Senttix continues to grow and evolve, faithful to the purpose that gave birth to it.

Today, the Senttix group brands have more than 100 sale points across Spain, in addition to 3 exclusive stores, they exist in more than 18 countries and 50% of their income is derived from exports.

The innovation challenge

Senttix has an R&D&I department to which it allocates more than 2 million euros a year and which, in collaboration with different technology centres, research institutes and cabinets, ensures the creation of new and improved products, processes, materials and technologies in the medium term.

This work was recognised in 2012 by the Business Innovation Award granted by the Department of Universities, Business and Research of the Region of Murcia (INFO).

Arturo, Nuria, Inma and Miguel Ángel know all the secrets of our mattresses. It is thanks to their daily work in design, logistics and administration that Senttix is a reality.

Design contract

As contract specialists, Senttix offers a line of furniture and equipment for sector professionals, architects and interior designers.

We have worked with some of the best national and international architecture studios, in addition to completely equipping important hotels and global hotel chains with our exclusive hotel brand.

A brand with social projection

At Senttix we not only manufacture rest systems, but we also want to contribute to improving the society in which we live in. That is why we integrate a healthy work-life balance and equality in our company, as reflected in our recognition of the I Plan for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men granted by the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality in 2018.

María, Inma, Lucía and Beatriz are part of the large percentage of women who show that there is no gender-based discrimination in Senttix and that a healthy work-life balance is possible.

Value based branding

Aware of the important role that food plays in sleep, in 2019 we began a collaboration with Martín Berasategui as our Senttix ambassador. Who better to represent our brand than Martín, with whom we share many of our values, such as grit, positivity and passion for detail.