Do you want to be a new Senttix Shop?

If you have a furniture store or a specialized mattress store and you want to belong to our exclusive network of Senttix Shops, please contact us to provide you all the necessary information.
Discover our advantages:

01. Research, development and innovation

More than two million euros per year, for the development of new products, materials, certificates and technologies.

02. Exclusivity

We are committed to guarantee sale exclusivity of Senttix products in your area of influence.

03. Marketing

Inclusion of your business in promotional campaigns (national, local, online marketing), events and merchandising in your store run by Senttix.

04. Training

Network of professional trainers, sales manual and indoor training in our Dream Factory.

05. Customer Services

We guarantee personalized attention to your questions and requests 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

06. 30 years of experience

It has allowed us to lead the contract sector (Ecus Contact), Childcare (Ecus Kids, Ecus Care), we have presence in 22 countries, 50% production is exported.

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