Licensing Senttix

“Stand out from
the crowd”

We compete in a low differentiation market, oversupplied distribution channels which are eager to discover real innovative products within the sleep industry. Is time to team up with a brand that can take your company to the next level. Get access to new technologies and processes to add real value to your offer.

Self-adjustable mattress

The unique self-adjustable mattress, it can be used on any bed or base. Combined with removable cover and the best conductive fabrics to keep the ideal temperature when sleeping.

Warm-up area

Faster and improved recovery exactly where is needed with 3 different positions. Celliant® filling to enables your body to recover at its full potential.


Fabrics treated and enriched with probiotics. These are able to reach your skin throughout the sheets and textiles to improve firmness, elasticity and reduce aging signs. Health and beauty meet the best sleep.

Discover our different collections targeting specific profiles and lifestyles.


Sober and elegant products, clean white and delicate. Fabrics enriched with Hydra+ probiotics treatment. Health & beauty at the True Sleep service.


Design for dynamic lifestyles that squeeze every second of the day. For those who carry out professional and/or physical activities that require great efforts. Modern lines and active recovery features at the True Sleep service.


The collection where beauty and nature work together for a common and useful purpose. Products for users who stay true to timeless and natural materials. Nature at the True Sleep service.