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  • 1.512€

    SoftLatex Pulse

    Pulse latex is 100% natural. Its 65Kg/m3 density provides a soft firmness, great adaptability and confort. Since this is an organic material, its lifespan is 17-20 years.

    Senttix - Duna Mattress - Extra
  • 1.376€

    SoftLatex Pulse & Multispring® 1500

    Hemp fibers can absorb humidity due to its natural antibacteria characteristic. We can get a longer and better cool feeling.

    Senttix - Mare mattress - Extra
  • 1.152€

    MediumMultispring® 1500 & Coco

    Thanks to its absorbing attributes, the organic cotton used increases transpiration, our skin can breath better and allergic reactions are avoided. This crop is organically grown, and if we encourage its use, our environment will be better.

    Senttix - Ventis Mattress - Extra
  • 948€

    HardPUR Malva foam

    The natural silk used has natural protein fibers and aminoacids that work as a hygienic shield against bacteria and allergies or skin irritations.

    Senttix - Lúa Mattress - Extra

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A natural rest consists of organic materials, which are used to protect and take care of our planet. Steady and sustainable growth should also be guaranteed.