Studio pillow

The shape of the pillow improves blood circulation. It has calming effects and help us to fall asleep. Thus, we get a healthy sleep in the simplest way.

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Technical description

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The centre of thermo blue visco pillow is softer than usual in order to get the most adaptable pillow. Thermo-regulating particles are added to make the pillow cooler and more breathable.

Frequent questions

Do you have stores?

Yes. All the products shown on the website are available in authorized Senttix stores. You can check your nearest store at "Shops" on this website.

Where is your factory?

Senttix is part of Ecus Sleep. The products are manufactured on our Dream Factory in Yecla, carretera de Valencia S/N. Región de Murcia. 30510.

Where can I place an order?

Login on this website. On the page "Shops" you can ask for your discount to trade it on the nearest store. There you can place the order.

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