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  • 1.544€

    Omnia has a secret in its lid that makes it unique: pocket springs. The perfect support for any mattress now available as storage bed. Handles and wooden legs, framed in a double edging help Omnia to be a prominent design.

    Senttix - Pull up storage bed - Omnia - Extra
  • 1.237€

    Nubia looks just like suitcases used to look. There is plenty of space to store our objects. The perfect design where its leather handles and corners will catch our attention. The small details make of Nubia the perfect storage bed.

    Senttix - Pull up storage bed - Nubia - Extra
  • 1.200€

    A plain design without excessive decoration. Sunset has a very discreet design, the perfect choice if we like standard patterns. The lid hides inside of the chest and cannot be seen when the storage bed is closed.

    Senttix - Pull up storage bed - Sunset - Extra

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