Allure Topping

Biocrystal is made of 50kg/m3 visco and a mixture of 16 crystals that strength the immune system, relaxing the nerve system, enabling a better sleep. We can get a better sleep thanks to the minerals used, which can control and have an influence on our cells.

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Hyda+ is a probiotics enriched fabric that boosts the production of antioxidants that protect our skin from UV, which causes skin damage with the passing of time.


Allure Topping

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Yes. All the products shown on the website are available in authorized Senttix stores. You can check your nearest store at "Shops" on this website.

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Senttix is part of Ecus Sleep. The products are manufactured on our Dream Factory in Yecla, carretera de Valencia S/N. Región de Murcia. 30510.

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Login on this website. On the page "Shops" you can ask for your discount to trade it on the nearest store. There you can place the order.

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