Storage bed bases

Who said a folding base couldn’t be elegant? We limit ourselves to pure, straight and simple lines. Filo draws a delicate functional cavity in its lid as a handle. The absence of surface elements makes it possible to appreciate the cleanliness of the fabrics and their textures.

In addition to being available in three heights, Filo allows you to choose the comfort of its cover between a rigid (Fiberthon) or flexible (Lattes) surface for greater personalisation of the bed.


Height without legs (h)
25 / 30 / 35 cm

Inner chest height (hi)
– Filo 25 = 15 cm
– Filo 30 = 20 cm
– Filo 35 = 25 cm

Fiberthon: light and resistant

Latters: Flexible slats, optional

Leg options

A wide range of decorative legs for all storage bed bases. There is also the option of a wooden plinth, standard leg or floor-standing bed. By default, the storage bed bases are supplied with the standard 5 cm high legs, included in the price.

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