From people for people

In everything there is an invisible half, a part that we are not capable of seeing, but that we feel. In Senttix that invisible half is all of the people that make up our team and who are also part of each of our rest systems.


To promote The True Sleep as one of the basic pillars to improving one’s health and personal well-being, with the certainty of knowing that a healthy life depends largely on quality sleep.


Our goal is to offer a healthy rest, adapted to different needs and aspirations, that allows one to be their best self, and therefore to achieve happiness.


Our commitment to honesty, an intimate and personalised treatment, a tireless spirit focussed on improvement and, above all, our human team, are the engine that enables us to move forward towards the future.

Proud of our history.

Since our founder rethought the transformation of polyurethane foams into the manufacture of mattresses in 1975, our company has not stopped growing and expanding throughout the world.

Our expertise

Behind the promise of The True Sleep, there is also good design, a good selection of materials and a good manufacturing process, fully developed in our factory in Yecla.

Committed to the good side of society

The involvement and commitment of every person who makes up Senttix allow us to carry out policies of conciliation, equality, sustainability and volunteering, contributing our tiny grain of sand towards the improvement of the world that we live in.