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Sleeping well is a rising global trend

At Senttix, we have long understood that essential and beneficial sleep for our bodies is achieved through simple and honest sleep systems, as well as those which are respectful towards the environment. That is why we are looking for partners who share our commitment and want to invest in a unique and differential business model where they can develop personally and professionally.


The rest sector associated with well-being will be your best bet and we will accompany you along the journey to success.

Are you a distributor? Join the Senttix family!

Whether you want to start a new business or already have a specialised furniture or mattress store, at Senttix we will help you every step of the way.

Full service

Training, management and support in all types of services: IT, purchasing, administration and expansion.

Marketing and advertising

Great investment in promotional campaigns at national and local level, online marketing, events and in-store merchandising.


Make Senttix your own brand in a specialist channel while maintaining exclusivity in your area of influence.


Invest in your Senttix store

A unique store concept focused on the customer experience.

Faced with an online competition that is increasingly focused on price, Senttix seeks to break with the traditional concept of a retail store to offer customers a different experience with personalised advice. This, together with an exquisite design by interior architect Teresa Sapey, make the Senttix store a unique experiential showcase in the rest sector.

Entry fee:
6.000 €
Available space between:
100 - 150 m2
Preferred location:
high pedestrian traffic >3.000 pers./day
+250.000 inhabitants
Initial stock:
from 100 €/m2

We will be successful together

Growing is always a more rewarding adventure when done as a team. We bring the know-how that comes from more than 45 years of experience. All that is missing is you.

Assistance from the start

We will study and present you with a project proposal adapted to the characteristics of your premises, guaranteeing exclusivity in your area of influence. We will accompany and advise you throughout the opening process, from the initial creative project to the final installation, including the corporate elements and product assembly phase.

Lifelong learning

Our Senttix consultants will help you with everything you need for the development of the project in your shop. You will have access to Senttix Academy, an internal platform for continuous training on rest and products, and we will offer you digital training talks with our rest experts so that you can also become a great rest specialist.

Personalised service

We guarantee personalised inquiry and request attention 365 days a year 24 hours a day through our B2B portal, through which you can access all the information, order tracking, delivery notes, invoices, etc. at the click of a button. In addition, we will maintain a direct manufacturer-franchisee/distributor communication focused on advising you and making your sale more rewarding.

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