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People are our biggest value

Behind our brand, there are people committed and united by the ideal of a project. Senttix is nothing more than a group of people helping other people, in our case, to improve their sleep and personal well-being.

Our collections

As no two people are the same, sleep must be adapted to each different personality and lifestyle. What type of Senttix person are you?

People who value aesthetics and beauty will fall in love with the VIT series, not only for the elegance of its design, but also for its innovative characteristics that can eliminate any signs of fatigue and ageing of your skin while you sleep. Are you a VIT person?

The GEA series is for people who, beyond any trends, always stay true to timeless and natural materials. People committed to the environment who seek to return to nature, to the origin, to the essence of sleep. Do you love GEA?

The LAB series is designed for very active people, who give it their all until the very last second of the day. People who carry out professional or physical activities requiring great effort and who, when night falls, need a quick recovery. Why do you like LAB?

Products inspired by people like you

Discover our mattresses, beds and accessories to make your bedroom a sanctuary dedicated to rest.





Food and sleep

Tips to rest better and maintain a healthy lifestyle from Martín Berasategui, the 12 Michelin-starred chef who is a fan of The True Sleep.


In addition to promoting rest, our products offer complementary benefits that improve people's health.


Recover the part of your body that needs it most at all times.


Beauty and probiotic skin protection while you sleep.


Take your rest to a higher level with the self-articulating option.

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