The Warm-Up is a specially design accessory for LAB mattresses and it can be placed in three different areas: Leg, hips and shoulder. Inside the Warm-Up we find Celliant®, an exclusive fiber made of 13 minerals such us aluminum oxide, silicone dioxide and titanium dioxide. When these minerals are combined our cells get more oxygen and the body can recover faster. Celliant® is an innovative patented fabric and it is becoming widely used in sportswear and resting equipment, which helps people to sleep soundly and better.

How does the Warm-Up work? Celliant® fiber is the ultimate technology. It takes body heat and turns it back to our body through infrared energy. When this energy is absorbed by our body, our temperature rises, blood flow improves and our muscles can recover faster.

The three different positions where we can place the Warm-Up will help us to reduce restless legs syndrome, back and cervical pain.

This product has obtained the health certificate by the Spanish Agency for Medications and Healthcare Products.