A true technological revolution in the world of rest.

Senttix LAB series mattresses have an option to incorporate a safe, silent and imperceptible mechanism that turns them into self-articulating mattresses without the need for an articulated base to move them. So the mattress itself will self-articulate on any base. It seems impossible, right?

Sleeping on an articulated mattress has a number of different health benefits. Elevating the foot area improves fluid retention and circulation in the legs. Incorporating the core, in addition to comfort for reading or watching television, relieves lumbar and cervical pain, and prevents gastroesophageal reflux and asthma. And if you are looking for the full range of benefits, you can try sleeping in the zero gravity position, raising your feet and core at the same time to improve breathing and the health of your heart.

Take your rest to a higher level

LAB mattresses work with a wireless controller that allows you to get into bed to watch an episode of your favourite series while regulating the posture that is most comfortable for you at that time. Imagine being able to read The True Sleep recipe book from the comfort of your bed at the touch of a button on the remote.

Or imagine that, after a long day at the office and following fifty laps in the pool, you want to relax your legs by raising them – around 15 degrees – to improve circulation and promote rest. All this at the click of a button, as if you were changing the channel on your TV. Stop imagining, because with the Senttix LAB series all of the above is possible.

What is the self-articulating mechanism?

The articulated LAB mattress has four articulation planes thanks to its two independent 4000 N motors. The motors are operated by means of a simple wireless remote control with six buttons, which allows each of the zones to be articulated together or separately, giving the user complete independence and autonomy.

The mattress requires an electrical outlet for its operation. Senttix offers a 2-year motor warranty.


Other innovations

Hydra +

Discover our collections that will lead you to a healthy and regenerative rest. It is a recovery band adaptable to 3 positions.


Safe, silent and imperceptible mechanism that turns it into a self-articulating mattress. It is a recovery band adaptable to 3 positions.

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