Beauty and sleep

What is Senttix VIT made of? Discover the most revitalising sleep with the VIT collection and its innovative probiotic formula capable of migrating between the sheets.

When it comes to good sleep, Senttix VIT brings elegance to our sleep. Delicate, simple and elegant white mattresses and pillows to enjoy our rest. The fabrics used convey calm and serenity that favours rest, while the fabrics incorporate a series of beneficial treatments for our health.

These are, for example, the probiotics-based Hydra+ formulation that improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin, eliminating signs of fatigue and reducing the visible signs of ageing; or the D-Stress fabric with carbon filaments, which eliminates all the electrostatic charge that the body accumulates during the day, producing a drop in cortisol levels and, with it, a deeper and more restful sleep. Are you a VIT person?

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