Sustainable awareness

What is Senttix GEA made of? It’s made of the desire to go back to nature and to our origins. This is a sustainable conscious collection. Discover true vegan relaxation.

GEA is the collection where beauty, nature and purpose come together. Mattresses and pillows made from natural materials that guarantee not only our day-to-day well-being, but also our future well-being. As simple as using cotton, wool, linen, hemp… sustainable and recyclable materials with which we protect our planet. Products without polyurethane foam, without TDI, without polyols, without volatile chemicals. GEA returns to the purest essence of sleeping and all its materials are safe and healthy for people and the environment. And you, do you love GEA?

V-Label, the quality label for vegan products

The V-Label is an internationally recognised certification, unique in Europe, for the labelling of vegan and vegetarian products. This label guarantees that GEA products do not contain any products of animal origin, taking into account all the production and processing stages involved in production.

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