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What is Senttix LAB made of? The LAB collection brings the latest innovations in materials and technologies to recover the body as quickly as possible. 

A one-of-its-kind mattress design with three levels of firmness, designed to recover the body area that needs it the most at any moment, thanks to its Warm-Up band that is adaptable to three positions (cervical, lumbar and leg areas) and incorporates Celliant® fibres, a combination of minerals that activates blood circulation, reduces inflammation and relieves muscle pain.

LAB is the collection of mattresses and pillows with exclusive fabrics that guarantee permanent freshness and breathability, as well as being totally hygienic, as they can be taken out of the cover by means of a hidden zip and washed conveniently at home. Free from dust mites, bacteria, odours and stains, and with the option of self-adjustment! Don’t you just love LAB?

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