The artisan's know-how

All our beds are handmade, manufactured with the utmost care and delicacy by the best craftsmen who, spring by spring and tassel by tassel, sew and adjust the different materials in search of a perfect final finish, treating each product with the care that it deserves.

Antonio is an artisan who, with his hands and his love, gives shape to our mattresses. There is no better quality certificate than passion for your work.

Quality is certified

Quality has been a fundamental pillar since our inception. Thanks to our careful selection of materials and manufacturing processes, we guarantee the durability of our products, providing peace of mind and assurance that the quality of your sleep will always be at its best.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Our commitment to health is paramount. No harmful substances have been used in the production of our products.

Carbon Footprint Register

We calculate our carbon footprint and are committed to reducing and/or offsetting our emissions in the fight against climate change.

Bureau Veritas ISO 14001

We have a responsibility to the environment. Our production processes cause minimal environmental impact.

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001

Honesty and transparency are two fundamental principles. Our production processes are the most suitable for high quality products.

CE marking – Medical device

Some of our products have been granted the European health certificate by the Spanish Agency for Medicine and Health Products.


At Senttix we are committed to innovation and good quality materials. We select those that best take care of our clients’ rest, seeking the perfect balance between respect for the environment and people’s health.

Discover your ideal collection

All of our collections incorporate insulating and natural materials, together with the highest quality fabrics and all their certified properties to offer you the best rest.