Choose your good side

At Senttix we always choose the good side, the one that contributes to improving our society. That is why we strategically incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility to administration, management and measurement of results, aligning it with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 UN Agenda.

David is synonymous with integration. It doesn’t matter what someone’s abilities are, what matters is effort, joy and the spirit of self-improvement. David knows a lot about this.

Equality plan

At Senttix we are constantly working on improving work-life balance and equal opportunities regardless of gender or individual capabilities.

Recognition by the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality of our I Plan for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men in 2018 is proof of this, ensuring that our products are manufactured with equality in mind.


Thanks to our photovoltaic park, the reduction of plastic and paper in processes and packaging, and proper waste management and circular economy, we seek to minimise our environmental footprint and to be a more sustainable company every day.


We want to give back to society all the good it gives us by integrating our workforce with volunteering activities that generate social and environmental non-profit benefits, which are aligned with our corporate culture.

Talent management

Our best kept secret is our human team – fostering their motivation is our priority. For this reason, we always act in such a way so as to improve the work environment and retain talent, for example, with the creation of the Senttix Academy training platform.


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