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200,000 years of evolution have not changed our sleeping needs at all. Sleeping is inherent to human beings, and, at the same time, has numerous benefits: it helps us repair tissues, it is necessary for our growth, it is essential for learning, etc. However, probably the most important benefit is the one which has recently been published in the magazine Science.

This publication confirms that sleeping is necessary to clean our brain of all the toxic substances accumulated along the day in a kind of “toxic rubbish dumps”, which have been connected to various neurodegenerative diseases.

Sleeping is not only vital for our health, but it is also essential to help us achieve our daily goals, since it ensures that we wake up completely rested and that we also feel better, more positive and energetic. Because a more productive, inspired and happy life begins with a good sleep night.

Senttix understood long ago that producing simple and honest sleep systems which ensure an essential and beneficial rest for our body, as well as respect the environment, was only the first step. This is why we have created The True Sleep, a broader concept of what sleeping is, in which the right diet, together with different healthy habits, will help you get restorative sleep.