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Moonlight is the quintessential duvet in Senttix. An exceptional balance between high quality and a reasonable price. The 90% down filling together with the soft satin fabric create the perfect duvet in terms of volume, confort and softness. The materials used in Moonlight are natural (down and cotton). The down has been treated, washed and sterilized according to EDFA (European Down & Feather Association) regulations. Moonlight duvet is manufactured in three different tog: 200gr/m2 recommended for cool rooms in which temperature at night is below 14 degrees; 150 gr/m2 is perfect for warm rooms with 18 degrees; and 100 gr/m2 is the nicest choice for rooms at 22 degrees. Moonlight is made with eyelets in order to use two duvets at the same time. We recommend washing at 40º and drying in a dryer. Controlled traceability thanks to a sewn label, which has a serial number that allows us to identify the item, thus having all the necessary information during each stage of the manufacturing and aging chain.

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