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The finest sleep Experience adaptaed to everyone of us. Each product has being designed according to different needs. Different experiences for different types of sleepers.
Senttix - VIT - Extra
Senttix VIT are timeless products, the elegance of simplicity, sober fabrics ands colours with a soft touch. Handcrafted pieces carefully sewed with antiaging treatments, moisterizers, and even blood pressure regulation technologies.
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Senttix - LAB - Extra
Products made to enhance your daily performance. Designed for dynamic lifestyles that squeeze every second of the day, for those who carry out professional or physical activities that requires great efforts every day.
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Senttix - GEA - Extra
The collection where beauty and nature work together for a common and useful purpose. Products commited to natural materials such as wool, cotton, linen, jute, natural latex amongst others. This is the Senttix GEA.
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